Thursday, December 29, 2016

One Goal Completed!

I have Inner Peace!! Just kidding.  I ran a mile without stopping on Tuesday and today Thursday. 

So that's the big news for today.  Here is a run down on my other progress.

Inner Peace-I can see a slight shift. Just being aware that this is something that I am striving for helps.  Just being aware of the pitfalls that prevent this helps.  Just being aware of how powerful this one is, is very helpful.
Weight- ARGHHH!!! The last time I  weighed, I weighed 140.6, this is far from 139.2 and I might even be further today but I didn't want to weigh today.  I am going out to eat with my Honey Bear in a little bit, so I will try to be good.  I didn't do horrible yesterday BUT there were some missteps.

Mile-Goal Met!!!!!!  Now I am working on consistency.  I want to get to 15 minutes without stopping, so 12 will seem like an easy day.  I even have dreams of running a half marathon.  That dream is slowly being ignited within.

Python Programming-I am up to chapter 6 in the book, and I didn't work on it yesterday.  So I will work on it today.

Eat vegetables every day.  So far so good, even when just a little.  Yesterday, I ate few carrots at Cracker Barrel.

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