Friday, March 17, 2017

Missing my Mother

My mother is one of the greatest loves of my life and I LOVE her.  I speak of her in the present tense because she is still my mother and I still love her.

I know that everyone believes that they have the greatest mother in the world, but I promise you, really, I do have the greatest mother in the world.

She had a way of making me feel so special.  I remember coming to visit her, and when she opened the door her face lit up with a bright smile and she looked genuinely happy and surprised to see me....even though she knew I was coming...even if I had just seen her the day before.

She told me with a straight face that I looked like Halle Berry, and that if I had voice training, I could sing like Whitney Houston.  (I assure that neither of these statements is remotely true.)

If I told her I were running for president, she would have encouraged me and supported me.

Yesterday, we buried her and I am left with a huge chasm in my heart, my soul that nothing will ever fill.

I love her.  I miss her.

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